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VINCA 3.25" (18 per tray) (14.7 fl oz)


Vinca Cora Apricot

 Vinca Cora Lavender Deep

 Vinca Cora Mix

Vinca Cora Pink

 Vinca Cora Punch

 Vinca Cora Red

 Vinca Cora Strawberry

 Vinca Cora White

 Vinca CoraCascade Cherry

 Vinca CoraCascade Lilac

 Vinca CoraCascade Peach Blush

Vinca CoraCascade Polka Dot

Blooming Season : late spring through early fall; doesn’t like temps below 60 degrees

Plant Habit : trailing or upright depending on variety

Spacing : 10-12″

Height : 6 – 10″

Exposure : sun to partial shade


Characteristics: attracts bees and butterflies, heat-tolerant, low maintenance if not overwatered. Uses: border, mixed containers, cascading varieties are good for hanging baskets.

Installation and Replacement for $10 more per Tray?- YES / NO - (YOU PAY THE INSTALLATION AFTER WE DO IT)

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